Trademark Registration Process


Mahtta & Co. strives to make the the trademark registration process smooth. We offer to conduct a trademark search for your proposed mark to give you an idea of how registrable your mark is in U.A.E.

Before submitting a new trademark application, it is crucial to ensure that your proposed mark is not already in use. This involves initiating a trademark availability search through the Ministry of Economy. The official search results will disclose information about any existing brand names or trademarks that resemble yours. If there is no record of a similar trademark, it indicates the potential availability of your proposed brand name or trademark.

  Eligibility For Trademark Registration in U.A.E.

  • UAE Citizens: This category includes both natural individuals and artificial entities engaged in technology, economy, or service-related sectors.
  • Foreign Individuals and Entities: Foreigners, both natural and artificial, involved in technology, economy, or service-related fields are eligible to apply for a trademark in the UAE.
  • Foreign Entities on the Basis of Reciprocity: Foreign individuals and entities, both natural and artificial, working in technology, economy, or service-related fields in another country can apply for a trademark in the UAE if there is reciprocity between the two countries.


If the search results are positive and the mark looks registrable, we can start preparing your trademark application.

To help us prepare your application, we’ll need to know:

- Name of the Mark/ Logo/ Device prints or Visual Representation
- Name of the Applicant
- Address and Nationality of the Applicant
- Copy of Trade License
- Power of Attorney
- Passport Copy
- Priority Document
- List of Goods and Services to be protected


The cost to file an application in U.A.E. depends on how many classes you would like to include in your application. The government filing fee is AED 8,700 per class, and is NOT included in our packages.


- Next your application will be filed with the Ministry of Economy, U.A.E. and we will drop you an email confirmation of the filing.

- You will receive a trademark application number, You can check the status of your application anytime on the website with this application serial number.

Please note, we cannot change the mark that you register for, or the goods listed in your application once you file. For this reason, the goods listed in your application must be an accurate description of your actual products.


Following the submission of your application and the corresponding payment, the Ministry of Economy undertakes a thorough review as part of the UAE trademark registration process.

It is imperative to exercise caution during the application process, ensuring that all details are accurately provided and that no information is omitted or filled incorrectly, as such errors could lead to the cancellation of your application registration.

In the absence of any issues with your application, the ministry typically approves it within approximately 30 days.

05.   Publish an Announcement Newsletter
        in Two Arabic Language Local Newspapers

Following the approval of your trademark registration in the UAE, it is mandatory to publish an announcement of your trademark in the official journal and two local Arabic-language newspapers. The Ministry of Economy charges AED 1,000 for the publication of the announcement in the official journal. However, an additional fee is incurred for the publication of the trademark announcement in two local Arabic-language publications.

Upon publication, the public is given a 30-day window to raise objections to your trademark. If any objections are filed during this period, the Ministry of Economy will review them and make a decision to either reject the trademark or notify you accordingly.

It's important for applicants to note that the Ministry of Economy issues notifications at the end of each month. Consequently, there might be a waiting period of almost two months before the trademark is officially registered in the UAE.


In the absence of any objections to your trademark within the designated period, you are granted the freedom to use and claim ownership of your trademark. The UAE Ministry of Economy will issue a certificate of registration for your trademark, containing essential details such as the trademark registration number, trade name, owner's name, the trademark itself, and a description of the goods and services covered by your trademark.

Now that your trademark is registered, you can put registered mark symbol :  ®


The validity of a trademark in the UAE is for a period of 10 years. Upon the expiration of this term, it is necessary to either re-register or renew your trademark.

It's important to note that the protection afforded to your trademark is limited to the seven emirates of the UAE and does not extend beyond the borders of the country.


Upon the conclusion of a trademark registration period in the UAE, a three-month grace period is provided for renewal from the expiry date. It is important to note that a penalty of AED 1,000 is incurred for each month of delay in renewing the trademark.

The procedure for renewing a trademark in the United Arab Emirates closely resembles the initial registration process. To renew, submit a copy of the old registration certificate to the Ministry of Economy, U.A.E. Once the renewal fee is settled, your trademark registration will be renewed within a 30-day timeframe.