As per sources, e-commerce giant, Alibaba group has successfully gained success using intellectual property rights-protection. The giant has been able to offer quality service due to well integration of the latest technological improvements coupled with partnerships with top-rated brands. Also, external stakeholders assisted the giant in offering quality service to proactively monitor, go through rights-holders requests, and check offline enforcement as has been stated in IPR annual report.

The report further notes that as a result of the giant’s increasing IP-protection programs in the last year, the following took place

  1. Before any sale, 96% of proactive listings need to be eliminated
  2. Almost 96% of the total removal requests done through the online portal of the giant’s IPP platform need to be processed in one day.
  3. In the IPP platform, there have been 20% more registered users compared to the previous time.
  4. Comparatively, there has been a 57% reduction in the listings in relation to consumer reports of counterfeits. It further resulted in improved use of the latest IP-protection technology.
  5. There has been almost 1045 IP concerning leads from Alibaba that further resulted in checking 4125 suspected criminals along with the closing of 2029 facilities relating to the manufacture and offer service of illegal items. This is an indication of Alibaba’s increase in service compared to the previous year. It further highlights the fact that the giant has established great collaboration with the right holders.

Membership in Alibaba Anti-counterfeit Alliance or AACA shows how effective collaboration of IP stakeholders along with the right holders is able to deploy their best technical knowledge to prevent IP infringers. It has grown to almost 170 right holders from all over the world from the end of 2019. It has come up to 30 since its launch in 2017 January. Some of the brand owners to include their name in 2019 are Dyson, Michael Kors, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Siemens, Coach and Kohler. In the list of 170 right holders, European constitute about 31% of total members, America, about 30%, China, about 25%, and Asia Pacific region constituting about 14% among the members.

Key initiatives of IP protection

Some of the key initiatives given in the IP Protection report are mentioned in the following part.

  1. Notice and Takedown

    Through the giant’s IPP Platform, it is becoming easy for brands to submit requests for IPR protection. The platform continued to be the place for right holders who are able to track the complaint procedure and go through the counter notices that are submitted by the merchants. The seamless procedure and easy-to-use interface have contributed to this ease of work. As a result of this, there has been a 20% increase in the program’s membership. Even to enhance the user experience, Alibaba has come up with support center service aiming to help small and medium-sized business ventures.

  2. Better Global recognition

    Alibaba’s IPR initiatives got the recognition of the stakeholders across the world. In addition, the giant has achieved third-party praise for its enhanced network of IP protection work.